Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Digital Marketing Agencies vary in the Solutions they offer and few offer the Full-Spectrum Services that we do.

Krest Marketing is a Google Certified Partner and our Team of Experts ensure that our Services are Professional Grade, On-Target, and Produce Positive Results. We're here for You & Your Business needs, All Questions are Encouraged & Welcome.

What Marketing is best for a Startup Business?

Branding. The most important thing for a Startup Business is defining its Brand because it entails everything that the Business Represents Publically.

Establishing your Brand, defines the Business, the Mission, the Vision, and the Positioning of your Products and/or Services.

Everything about your Business, including your Marketing Plan, will fall in place after the Brand is Positioned in your Niche / Industry.

Start defining your Brand now, then you will have something to Market.

Is PPC better than SEO for Marketing?

Short-Term or for Immediate Promotions, Yes. Long-Term and your overall Web Presence to increase Organic Traffic, No. If you are working with a Marketing Agency and they are only pushing one or the other Solution, they are not a true Digital Marketing Agency that understands how to use both Marketing Services to Strategically to increase Online Brand Visibility.

Do I Really Need a Website?

Absolutely! Your Website is Your Online Business. Period. Every Customer, Present & Future, will look for your Website to learn about your Products and/or Services, to Read your Reviews, and decide if they Trust your Brand enough to Purchase from your Business.

Not Investing in your Website & SEO is a mistake Startup Entrepreneurs make because they or a friend will try to build a freemium website with dirt cheap hosting. This is definitely the case where you get what you pay for!

Having a pretty website that does not rank, is like tossing business cards in the trash instead of giving them to someone. Your Customers Can't Find You!

Are Your Services Affordable?

We are extremely competitive in our pricing, but more importantly is for business owners to understand the value of our products and services. We can only recommend digital marketing services, websites, and branding to businesses that have a great opportunity to position themselves. Digital Marketing is one of your best options in acquiring new local customers to your business while you also leave a footprint on the internet. We can't emphasize more that internet marketing has strongh network effect and you must properly represent your business professionally. Let us help you become an authority in your local marketing niche.

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