Google Ads // PPC Advertising

  • Search Network and Display Network Advertising

  • Conversion Rate Optimization Through Exceptional Ad Quality

  • Custom Landing Pages Designed For Higher Customer Conversion Rates

Google Ads is one of the most profitable and immediate solutions we can offer to businesses in dire needs of immediate sales or conversions. We work with businesses that are new to the platform and we further optimize existing accounts that already participate with the platform. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding PPC or Google Adwords Mangement.


By Partnering with Krest Marketing in a Google Advertising Campaign, you are making a great choice. We apply the best practices and marketing expertise with your goals and objectives as our primary focus.


By Partnering with Krest Marketing in a Google Advertising Campaign, you are making a great choice. We apply the best practices and marketing expertise with your goals and objectives as our primary focus.

Our Google Ads service is process driven. We ensure that all campaigns have an in depth, thorough, and optimized setup applied to all of our clients campaigns. Let us set up a Marketing System so you can acquire new customers and monitor the return on your investment.

Google Ads Comprehensive Services Checklist:

1. Google Analytics Goal Configuration
2. Google Ads Campaign Setup & Keyword Research
3. Google Tag Manager / Website Events & Tag Integration
4. Google Ads Conversion Tracking & Call Tracking Set Up

5. Google Ads – Pay Per Call Campaigns

6. Google Ads – GEO Fencing Display Network Advertising

Google Ads Campaign Optimization and Management:

1. Campaign Landing Page Creation
2. Lead Generation System Integration [Lead Forwarding]
3. Split Testing Landing Page Creation & Configuration
4. Landing Page Email Autoresponder Setup
5. Landing Page Retargeting Configuration
6. Email Drip Campaign Integration Configuration & Management


Anyone can create a PPC campaign, but creating one that will deliver results requires a great deal of research and analysis. We structure your campaign that will drive the right customers to you.

Effective Keyword targeting. We seek to find the keywords that can help your advertisement thrive without having to spend too much of your budget. By looking at competition and other factors, we make sure you’re reaching your full potential.
Landing Page Selection. When creating a Google Advertisement, choosing your landing page is very important. We will help make sure that when someone clicks on your ad they are sent to a landing page with a great call to action that will give them the best opportunity to convert.
Writing engaging ads. One of the most important aspects of a successful campaign comes down to how your ads are written. We write ads that entice users to click on them, but also encourage them to transact.


Our philosophy is not “set it and forget it”. We continuously optimize your campaigns so that they reach new heights, delivering the best customers at a great ROI.
Solid testing of ads. Our team continuously monitors the effectiveness of the ads to ensure they are running at peak efficiency. We are always looking to raise the bar by A/B testing multiple ads.
Reacting to user trends. User trends can help us determine how the ad might need to change in order to be successful. We follow these trends to see where the clicks are happening and how your ad can be revised to take advantage.
Keyword performance monitoring. You want to make sure your budget is being used wisely. We create ROI goals and alter bids accordingly based on the keywords that are driving the best conversions.


We make sure you don’t have to guess when it comes to your Google Ad campaigns. Whether it’s campaign changes, new user trends, or new data we find from our testing, it’s important you’re kept updated and involved.
Search spend insight. Our team will provide insight into how your search budget is being spent so that you know exactly what you’re getting in return.
Conversion data. Knowledge is power. By knowing what ads and keywords drive conversions for your business you are able to make more qualified decisions.
Data at your fingertips. You will be provided an online dashboard where you will have instant access to all of your important paid search campaign information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paid Search Management?
Search Engines such as Google and Bing allow businesses to place ads within their search results to highly targeted, in-market audiences down to a keyword level. There are numerous activities that must take place to have an efficient and effective campaign. Keywords selection, ad creation, testing, performance tracking, and constant bid adjustments are all activities that go into the management of a campaign.
What platforms do you work with?
We manage PPC campaigns on Google Ads Management Agency Platform and Bing Ads. Between the two platforms they cover over 90% of the search traffic in the US. We typically recommend to our clients to only advertise on these two platforms because the quality of search traffic is significantly less on second-tier search engines.
Should my business use Google Ads to Target Potential New Customers?
Generating new customers is important for any business to grow and paid search advertising is an essential part of a well-rounded internet marketing campaign. If you require immediate traffic, leads and or sales for your business, PPC is a good place to start.
Do you manage Google Shopping campaigns?
Yes. Our certified Paid Search Specialists manage Google shopping campaigns on behalf of numerous clients and would love the opportunity to develop a successful campaign for your business.