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Links are one of Google’s largest factors when it comes to how your website ranks among specific searches. How authoritative is your website in the Industry where you compete? Partner with a link building company with a proven record of acquiring high quality links through Content Development, Digital PR & Outreach.


Krest Marketing focuses and strategizes all Link Building Campaigns around building authority.  By utilizing the most state of the art software and management systems, we dedicate our time to finding the most valuable link targets.  With a combination of Computer Science and Digital Public Relations, we can expand your online presence and boost your rankings through authoritative link building.


Link building requires precision, analysis and understanding of different sectors of the internet.  No two industries are the same, therefor we strive to build links that are relative to your industry.  Google indexes websites that are related to each other and then displays them accordingly in relation to their overall authority on the internet.  Let Krest Marketing build relevant links to your website.


We pride ourselves not only on a detailed reporting system, but our entire workflow and deliverables are available in realtime.  There is no need for scheduling extensive weekly or monthly meetings.  Our dedication to transparency for our clients is in fact delivered with our state of the art virtualized link building system.  Every one of our clients is granted realtime access to all work that we perform within their digital marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Link Building and Why Do We Need It?
Link Building is best described as the process of finding other websites, blogs, or authoritative places on the internet and building a link that leads back to your website.  There are 2 main types of links, Do-Follow and No-Follow in which Google identifies as potential factors for how your site is relevant and how it should rank for certain searches.  Link Building is one of the few tried and tested methods in ranking websites for specific keyword searches.
Is link building the same thing as SEO?
No, Link Building is a process that takes place within SEO.  SEO is a number of processes that drive Website rankings in search engines and Link Building is one of them.  It is important to note that Link Building is the most important process with most SEO Campaigns.
Do you guarantee link placements on specific sites?
Our standard link building campaigns require data analysis and outreach.  Based on the industry that you do business in, we use sophisticated software to analyze the competition and industry to identify the most viable link prospects.  We build links based on the results of the initial processes and placement is dependent upon your budget and the website moderators of the websites we target for building links back to your website.
How many links will you build for me on a monthly basis?
The results are variable each month.  We have a standardized workflow of hourly blocks that are assigned to each campaign dependent upon your budget.  We have zero control over the external website modification and we work 100% on a best efforts basis.  Our outreach strategy is designed to facilitate a working relationship with link prospects and we maintain communication with website moderators in order to achieve our goals.  We highly suggest to avoid any company that guarantees specific numbers of links, and any SEO company that offers ranking guarantees.  Google and other search engines have NEVER offered any guarantees in rankings.  Not even in their own Paid Ads platform.


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