Search Engine Optimization

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Are you ready to let us work towards your goals? Partner with an agency that knows REAL SEO and doesn’t cut corners. We have a proven record of achieving great metrics for our clients.
Search Engine Optimization by Krest Marketing
Search Engine Optimization by Krest Marketing

On-Page Search Optimization (SEO)

The structure of a webpage and its content is a critical control point of SEO for your business.

We can’t emphasize it more on how important this step can be in optimizing your web presence and visibility within search engines.

We utilize Best Practices, Proven Strategies, and Modern Techniques in our On-Page Optimization that You Can Trust to produce the Search Rankings You Seek.

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization makes it possible for small businesses to compete online by moving their websites higher in local search rankings. Why is it important to rank well on sites like Google and Bing? Because over 80% of consumers search online before making a buying decision. Krest Marketing helps your client’s websites rank higher, get noticed, and drive more sales.

Search Engine Optimization by Krest Marketing

Website Architecture Analysis

We analyze and audit every website making sure that the most valuable pages can be found by the search engines. We want maximum exposure for your business to ensure we maximize your customer conversions. There is a thorough amount of tools, knowledge, and resources that are needed in order to evaluate a website correctly and identify what type of strategy must be applied to make your website function as a “business in a box.” If your website is not viewed through the scope of a technical SEO analysis, your website will most likely not hold a competitive position in search engine rankings. By utilizing the expertise of a company that will fast track the systematic and technical approach to these concepts, your business will be in a prime position for ranking higher and better technical results.

Keyword Targeting

We research to find the best performing keywords among your competitors in your industry and assign them to the appropriate pages on your website. Our Keyword Research is also fundamental in every Google AdWords Campaign since we are paying on a per click basis for specific clicks on ads that are triggered by search intent of the end user for those keywords. If your business outranks your competition on page 1 of Google for keywords that are regularly paid for each click, we now can theoretically apply a value to the organic traffic that your website is receiving from valuable search engine queries. With Krest Marketing SEO Services, your dollars spent are always transformed in to value for your businesse’s online visibility. For every Search Engine Optimization Campaign, we conduct a thorough current and historical audit of relative seacrh traffic to the keywords that are most likely and desired to trigger your businesse’s appearance online. Let’s Target the keywords that we know will lead to higher customer conversions and grow your business.

Competitive Content Strategies

As industry insiders will say, Content is KING! Not only will we optimize the content on your current webpages, we will inform and educate you on developing content that will engage and retain the right clients.

Originality of quality website content will always be the fundamental success builder of all your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Relevant and informative content that serves a good purpose and relates to the specific search intent of the person doing the search is factually proven to be one of Google’s Ranking factors as of 2020.

In the longrun, good content will help your website rank higher in search engines as long as it is written, organized, and coded by a professional marketing agency that has a solid understanding of what will perform the best.. Our Orange County based SEO and Marketing Agency can help you create, and deliver relevant content on a consistent basis with our Digital Marketing Services.


Quality Link Building has greater impact on rankings versus the total number of links built. We prioritize our efforts to quality with every one of our clients, and every element of your marketing campaign. Don’t let your link profile become stagnant, being proactive will set you aside from the competition.
Search Engine Optimization by Krest Marketing
Search Engine Optimization by Krest Marketing

Industry Citation Workflow

We seek out links from various authoritative resources such as trade associations and niche directories. Only the most reputable make it to our list.

Search Engine Optimization by Krest Marketing

Premium Content Marketing

Our high quality client outreach incorporates the research and development of content that meets industry expectations. We capitalize on opportunities for quality websites to link back to you.
Search Engine Optimization by Krest Marketing

Scalable Industry Outreach

We analyze your industry for the most authoritative websites and contact them directly. By presenting quality content for linking opportunities, our success rate surpasses many SEO service providers.


Search Engine Optimization by Krest Marketing