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Social Media Marketing is one of the most affordable and direct solutions we can offer to businesses that are interested in customer engagement and content promotion. We work with businesses that are new to the platform and we further optimize existing accounts that already participate with the platform. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding Facebook or Instagram Advertising.

Social Media Marketing can be segregated into at least two of our service offerings. The services that we provide successful businesses with include paid advertising and organic media placements to targeted audiences across Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms which we deem to produce the best results for your business.

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Our Team of Social Media Marketing Managers is Ready to Take Your Business Growth To The Next Level.

When You Partner With Krest Marketing for Facebook or Instagram Marketing Services, Your Paid Marketing Campaigns Will Inherit The Following Benefits:

Interest Targeting

We seek to identify the interests and behaviors that identify the right buyer persona for your product or service offering.  By utilizing the abundance of marketing tools at our disposal, we can enhance, optimize, and deliver across Social Media Marketing platforms to deliver th best possible results to our clients.

Interest Targeting For Social Media

Conversion Tracking

Conversion rates are one of the most important metrics that help measure the success of digital marketing across social media platforms.  Understanding your cost of acquiring new customers shouldn’t be a mystery.  We ensure the most important actions on your website and landing pages are tracked.

Social Media Marketing

Budget Optimization

An effective Social Media Ads campaign requires a professional level of management and utilization of your company’s marketing dollars.  Krest Marketing consistently optimizes its core strategies to ensure the best possible use of your business’s capital to generate positive returns on your investment.

Facebook Ads Budget Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Engaging potential customers on social media platforms is one of the first steps in a successful marketing campaign.  In addition to great ads that serve this purpose, a well-designed landing page that offers your products or services is imperative.

Landing Page Design By Krest Marketing

Lead Generation Campaigns

Most service-based businesses depend on high-quality leads in order to build their customer base.  Our ad campaign strategies are designed to attract and convert new leads for your business so you can offer your services to new customers on a consistent basis.

Lead Generation For Businesses

Split - A/B Testing

Campaign optimization requires testing, measurement, and adjusting in order to constantly amplify your best-performing ads.  By applying best practices, we test ads strategically to identify the winners and acquire customers at the lowest possible cost.

Split Testing Ab Testing

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We Are A Top Rated Social Media Marketing Agency.

Social Media Marketing has extensive learning curves and time-consuming tasks that aren’t ideal for business owners to take on.  Our team of digital marketing professionals will set your business up with a hands-off approach so you can enjoy the benefits, and cost-saving strategies we apply on a daily basis.

We maintain a strong emphasis on constantly embracing the best practices and marketing expertise with your goals and objectives as our primary focus.

Get started today with Social Media Marketing for your business and we will take care of the rest.


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Social Media Management

Revenue Growth

Social Media Management is a constant workflow that your business should have to keep existing and new customers in the loop.

With platforms like Facebook and Instagram that allow you to promote content every day, we highly suggest having a consistent flow of media that is geared towards your community and customers.

Planning:  Successful social media management requires a set of goals and objectives in order to develop the specific content and strategies that will most benefit your business.  We plan the short, intermediate, and long-term approaches for all businesses that we help with social media management.

Content Creation:  Graphics, Video, and Animated content require extensive software and technical knowledge that business owners don’t have access to or expertise in.  That’s where our value proposition takes effect.  We save you the long-term cost, time, and hassle of trying to do everything yourself and deliver professionally made content that attracts and converts new customers to your business.

Delivery: Our team of digital marketing experts syndicates, optimizes, and delivers across all social media accounts that we manage.  Your brand needs consistency and a dependable marketing agency like Krest Marketing will facilitate your needs with social media.



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Our team of Social Media experts are committed to providing our customers with amazing content promotion strategies, landing pages, and lead generation funnels that will help your business grow.  We promise our customers comprehensive, customized, and client-focused solutions that distinctly transform their digital marketing strategies. You can trust Krest Marketing to create a customized digital marketing strategy that will improve your online visibility. Whether you want to post stories on Instagram or make your social media profiles stand out, Krest Marketing is ready to Optimize your social media and promote the growth of your business.


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Our Track Record of Effective Marketing Campaigns and Satisfied Clients Provides Assurance To The Next Business Looking To Partner With a Trusted Digital Marketing Agency.

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Lori Travers

Doctor, Travers Lasik Vision Care

Krest Marketing has been wonderful to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable on every topic of digital marketing. We were able to consolidate our digital marketing with them which made everything which made our message more cohesive on every platform. Their immediate service and counsel on every idea, problem or change has made them very enjoyable to work with.
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Josh Forkner

Owner, Tektrim
I started my own business over a year ago and was overwhelmed with trying to build my company web page, marketing, and dealing with customers all at the same time. I was so stressed, I thought it would be quick and easy to get everything going but that was not the case. Then out of the blue, I received Read More on Google…

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Our Project Portfolio Consists of A Wide Range of Completed and Ongoing Projects.  We Have Executed and Delivered Across An Abundance of Websites We Have Designed, Ongoing SEO Services That Have Benefited Our Clients Search Engine Rankings, and Well Executed Social Media Marketing Campaigns.  Check Out Our Digital Marketing Project Portfolio and The Industries We Provide Our Exceptional Services To.


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